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600034-1HUM-0464 SmartStrike Digital GPS Map Card MicroSD/SD Dakotas/Nebraska (v1)

Humminbird SmartStrike Digital GPS Map Cards parallel the standard Humminbird LakeMaster editions. The coverage area and lake lists remain the same and both are compatible with Humminbird legacy models and the ONIX/ION units. The difference here is that when a SmartStrike card is used in an ONIX/ION unit, it is able to use the Contour Elite search functions on (and only on) any of the High Definition lake maps for that card. It’s almost like looking into your own digital crystal ball.

Humminbird SmartStrike takes you straight into the action and shows you where the fish are biting at any given time. Based on search parameters such as fish species, time of day, weather conditions, and season, the SmartStrike engine searches type of structure, proximity, depth ranges, and more to highlight areas on High Definition* lake maps where your prey is most likely to be located- before you even wet a line. Build a custom search based on the criteria you choose, or click any location on a lake, select Find Similar Areas, and millions of data points are searched to return other similar areas. The result is no more guessing, fruitless searching, or wasted casts. Just great fishing.

Additionally, SmartStrike brings to your fingertips the groundbreaking Follow the Contour technology. When combined with a compatible i-Pilot Link system, this map card enables your boat to automatically follow a path directly on or offset from any contour, allowing you to focus on fishing.

Humminbird SmartStrike Digital GPS Map Cards allow you to enjoy all of the LakeMaster features including the following:

  • i-Pilot Link compatible
  • Scrollable Lake List
  • Depth Highlight Range
  • Easy to read contours
  • Shallow Water Highlight
  • Water Level Offset

*SmartStrike full search functionality is exclusive to High-Definition waters only and Humminbird ONIX/ION units.

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Humminbird SmartStrike Digital GPS Map Cards


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